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What is a Solicitor-General?

What are the primary duties of the Solicitor-General?

The Solicitor-General is the chief prosecutor for the misdemeanor crimes which occur in the county.  The Solicitor-General is also the chief prosecutor of county ordinance violations.

What is the maximum sentence that can be given for a misdemeanor charge? 

The maximum sentence for a misdemeanor crime is 12 months in jail and a $1,000 fine.

What are some examples of the misdemeanor crimes handled in the Solicitor-General's Office?

Some of the crimes handled by the Solicitor’s Office are Family Violence Battery, Battery, Driving Under the Influence, Theft by Shoplifting, and Animal Cruelty.

How do misdemeanor crimes affect me and my community?

Theft, even petty theft, drains the citizens and business owners in our community.  The cost of these crimes trickle down to the consumer and businesses. The quality of life in your community and the sustainability of business is affected by misdemeanor crimes occurring in your area.

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